Welcome to the New Hyundai Learning Portal

What Do I Need to Log In?

All Dealership users were sent a Welcome to the Hyundai Learning Portal email on Thursday, February 11, 2016.
This email contains your unique 12-digit ID number and instructions on how to access the system to set your password.

What If I Did Not Receive the Welcome Email?

If you did not receive a Welcome email from the Hyundai Learning Portal, it is because you do not have a valid or unique email address in WebDCS
and need to contact your Dealer Admin to update your email address in personnel enrollment/W9 in WebDCS Admin screen.

Once your email address has been updated in WebDCS, wait 24 hours before navigating to the Hyundai Learning Portal
via www.hyundailearingportal.com or the link below. Click on the “Forgot Password” link to obtain your 12-digit ID and reset your password.

Already have a new Hyundai Learning Portal User name and Password?

Click on Hyundai Learning Portal to Access the Log in Screen

For assistance with sign-on, contact the Hyundai Learning Portal Help Desk by calling 866-828-3811, or emailing training@hyundailearning.com