Welcome to the New Hyundai Learning Portal (H.L.P)

What Do I Need to Log In?

All NEW Dealership users will be sent a Welcome to the Hyundai Learning Portal email. This email contains your unique 12-digit HMA ID number
and instructions on how to access the system for the first time and to set your password.

What If I Did Not Receive the Welcome Email?

If you did not receive a Welcome email, please:

   1. Check your email spam or junk email folders
   2. Verify the email address in the WEB-DCS Personnel Enrollment/W9 screen is correct - please contact your dealer's system administrator for help with this.

Once your email address has been updated in WEB-DCS, please wait 24 hours before navigating to the Hyundai Learning Portal
via www.hyundailearningportal.com or the link below.

If you are an Existing Employee and Cannot log-in please use the Forgot Password option noted below:

You can select, “Forgot Password” and enter your email address and the H.L.P. system will send a link for you to access the H.L.P.
If the email does not arrive within a minute or so please see, “what if I did not receive the welcome email” instructions above

Already have a new Hyundai Learning Portal User name and Password?

Click on Hyundai Learning Portal to Access the Log in Screen

For assistance with sign-on, contact the Hyundai Learning Portal Help Desk by calling 800-435-7737